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2005-2006 Inside Canyon Springs Episode
Episode 06-06 Best in Show 2006* Teen gambling, baseball in Reno, the "real" Las Vegas (2nd place, STN Spring Nationals)
Episode 06-08 First Friday: Food, music, and art in Las Vegas, interview with Mr. Hillmer
2006-2007 Episode Highlights
Episode 07- 02 Movie Reviews, Mr. Jones, Democratic fund raiser, foreign exchange student, Dean's Day
Episode 07- 03 Fall Sports Review, Kendall Tenney Interview, Leadership Video, Table Tennis Tussle
Episode 07- Crime Scene Murder at The Canyon (1st place CCSD Awards Festival, 2nd place STN Spring Nationals)
Episode 07- 05 Best in Show 2007 The show travels to London, England with the Pioneer band.
Episode 07- DC ICS goes to Washington DC with We The People
Episode 07- 08 The final road show for the year, this episode was produced st the STN convention in Anaheim.
Episode 07- 12 Hillary Clinton brings her campaign to Canyon Springs and this special episode covers her visit.
2007-2008 Episode Highlights
Episode 08-01 Welcome back episode, summer news highlights, new teachers, football preview
Episode 08-02 HD vs SD, DJ's job, media views of CSHS, Sk8ers, Romania
Episode 08-03 Best in Show 2008 Football special: John Roberts, Demario Lay, Pioneers defeat the Wildcats.
Episode 08-04 CSHS Journalism programs, Fall sports review
Episode 08-06 The real Las Vegas, Las Vegas history, working at the Adventuredome, LV lights
Episode 08-07 Sports: WInter sports review, LV sports teams, cheerleading, boxing referee
2008-2009 Episode Theme and Highlights
Episode 09-01 "New" new programs, new principal, new staff, new royalty rules, new students
Episode 09-02 "Music" What's on your teacher's iPod, digital music, "The Canyon"
Episode 09-03 "Games" vintage games, Nevada gaming, Warhammer review, Star Wars Force Unleashed
Episode 09-04 "Communication" MySpace, passing notes, webcams, One Kid's Opinion (debut)
Episode 09-05 "Holiday" "Merry Christmas" Fred Claus review, Jehovah Witness, Meet Santa
Episode 09-06 "Sports" Pioneer gymnast, Martial Arts Sensei, Sk8ing is NOT a crime, gamer
Episode 09-08 Best in Show 2009 "Intense" Live Love Laugh, homeless teen, living with heart disease, death next door
  *Best in Show is the top honor given at the CCSD Broadcast Journalism Awards Festival