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Chroma Key Open Misael Parra, Jr.  
Festival Open Mr. Rizzo This opened the 2005-2006 CCSD Awards Festival
ICS Intro Maverick Gorny This was the open for season four of Inside Canyon Springs
KCSL Lights Keenan Fong  
Spinner Version One Keenan Fong 3rd Place 2006 CCSD Broadcast Journalism Awards Festival
Spinner Version Two Keenan Fong/ Mr. Rizzo A remake of Keenan's winning entry
Spinner Version Three Keenan Fong Updating a winning concept
GMP Open Trevor Royer 1st Place 2007 STN Spring Nationals, 2nd Place CCSD Awards
Studio Open Misael Parra, Jr.  
Winning Entries Mr. Rizzo/staff A tribute video for the 05-06 CCSD Awards Festival winning entries